website samples

Blue Heaven Island
Private Hotel locacted in Bora Bora reservation, marketing & description website.
John Behring
Prolific Television Director John Behring's website & portolio.
Bjoin Films
Production Company specializing in Food & Beverage website & portfolio.
BattleFrog College Championship
ESPN Network TV Sports Show
Industrial Fuse and Electrical & Mechanical manufacturer for the energy industry
Multi-Media Design for the Marijuana industry
Cinematographer's website & portfolio.
Sweet Green Apoth
State of the Art sample site for the Medicinal Marijuana Industry
Monica Mancini
Music website for the talented singer Monica Mancini
African Ancestors Memorial Foundation
The Overland Hotel
This website was built to help sell a 50's Route 66 iconic hotel in Needles, CA.
Slice of Heaven Florida
A beautiful trophy home being offered on VRBO

html5 samples

digital magazine samples

Blue Heaven Island
Promotion for this beautiful, remote hotel in Bora Bora, French Polynesia.
AKC Design
Set and Wardrobe Designer Annette Kilguss-Cralls digital magazine portfolio.
Set Design
Production Design digital magazine and portfolio.
A beautiful collection of this proud bird by bird photographer, Fred Drotar
Ellen Falguiere
A digital magazine overview of my Ellen's exquisite Costume Design portfolio.
thomas drotar design
My definitive interactive portfolio including web, animation, photography and digital magazines.
Pamela Mower Conner
Artist Portfolio for the incredibly gifted artist Pamela Mower Conner
Weed Media Design
A digital sales magazine for the medicinal marijuana industry.
annette kilguss-crall
A yearly portfolio update for this formidable Hollywood stylist.

digital magazine samples

flash works

Having designed in Flash for over a decade it would be remiss of me to exclude all the great work and great clients I worked for during the pre-iOS time. Because flash cannot play on mobile devices I have included my strongest layout samples in video format below.

If you find yourself viewing my portfolio on a laptop or desktop computer please CLICK HERE to view my extensive portfolio in its original format. There are some great pieces of work. Enjoy

flash samples

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