"It is unfortunately forgotten that during slavery and colonization, Africa and its people suffered the greatest loss of population and cultural devastation of any people in history. There is no memorial calling attention to this event any place in all the world. I maintain that the people of the entire African World, both in Africa and abroad, are delinquent in their responsibility to their ancestors until some proper memorials are erected in every place where there is an African population."

- Christopher Columbus and The African Holocaust: Slavery and the Beginning of European Capitalism

Dr. John Henrik Clarke

The African Ancestors Memorial Foundation plans to re-enact the Middle Passage” voyage, from Cape Coast Ghana to Jamestown, Virginia in the year 2016 to memorialize our ancestors who suffered horrific deaths in the middle passage.

A monumental size rock will be sourced and sculpted in Ghana to serve as a physical memorial in remembrance of our ancestors. During the crossing, fragments from the sculpture will be cast into the sea by an African spiritual leader offering prayers and rituals in a ceremonious and symbolic “burial”, finally putting these long forgotten souls to rest.

Upon the ship's arrival in the United States the monument will be erected in a prominent and well visited location. Under discussion is the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture on the National Mall in Washington D.C. scheduled to open in 2016.